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Playing style

Describing the game style is difficult since that is somewhat subjective. A major trait is that space is not a parameter, but mobility is. After my substantial changes, the CT800 takes much more care of its pawn structure and can make more sense of the rooks.

The result is that it does really well at openings like the Pirc Defence. The key is to lure the opponent into grabbing more space than advisable so that it becomes a liability instead of an asset.


The strategic idea is a classic Sun Tzu application: the way to cover a thousand miles and win the battle is to have the opponent do the march. That is because combat units are usually much faster than the supply logistics, which can turn a basically quite successful offensive into a disaster precisely because of its success.

Full board

An important feature that was not there in the baseline version is the reluctance to trade pieces when the material is even, which shall keep the board full and enable more tactical entanglements. Trading one or two pawns is good to open the position somewhat up.

On the other hand, trading pieces is encouraged when being up in material, and trading pawns when being down in material. The CT800 likes also the pair of bishops.

Urban warfare

This results often in unclear game situations with less space for the CT800, like in this game vs. the MM4. That is, until the counter attack starts, and when the opponent is not careful enough to hold on, it starts to look less and less like a clear field battle, but rather like urban warfare. Occasionally, this may also go wrong so that the opponent overruns the CT800, as in this game vs. the Berlin.


However, the CT800 can also attack in a pretty straight-forward manner if given the opportunity, especially when the CT800 is playing a gambit, see this game vs. the Vancouver. The CT800 appreciates piece mobility, which results in nice attacks.


Towards the endgame, the importance of the pawn structure is heightened, most notably regarding passed pawns. The CT800 knows the important mates against the lone king, and it can keep draw with minor piece against rook.