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Release V1.01

V1.01 was released on 2016-Oct-27. You can download the release ZIP file (5 MB):


This version participated in the Kaufbeuren 2016 (link in German only) D-A-CH chess computer tournament, in category A. The time controls were 30 minutes per game and side.

The CT800 was overclocked to the maximum of 240 MHz and scored 3.5 out of 8 points. The opponents averaged at 2305 ELO, which gives a tournament performance of 2260 ELO. The statistical variance with so few sample games is high, so this is only a rough estimation.

Known issues

  • The time handling works, but allocates too little time for the important early game phase.
  • In pawn endgames with opposite coloured bishops, the king positions can overrule a pawn loss.
  • In KR:KB, the correct defender edge is not highlighted enough over its adjacent rim squares, which occasionally might lose a game.
  • With the 50 moves rule, checkmate is not given precedence over draw in the 50th move.
  • In complicated middlegame positions, the pre-search alone can take 10 seconds.
  • Manually saving and loading a game in game-in or tournament mode adds Fischer delay and player bonus to the player’s clock.
  • The opening book has some uncovered areas.
  • Battery monitoring does not work during menu access or other dialogues.
  • “Always on” light mode does not work and acts like “automatic”.
  • Undoing or redoing moves within the opening book range deletes the little ‘b’ that denotes book moves.
  • Saving the display contrast does not work and interferes with the “turbo mode” settings.
  • Building the firmware with GCC 7.0 or higher fails because of false positive warnings that are treated as errors.

Note: issues are fixed with new releases only – there are no backports. However, if an issue is found, it will be listed for the previous releases where applicable.