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Release V1.42

V1.42 was released on 2021-Feb-27. You can download the release ZIP file (4 MB):

Changes from V1.41

  • Improved quiet move history handling.
  • Improved null move pruning in endgames.
  • Added quiescence search pruning for losing captures with pawn protection.
  • Fixed rare bug with illegal moves further down the PV.
  • Fixed mate searcher with PV being cut off.
  • More opening book knowledge.
  • Changed the default for the background light from “automatic” to “always on” for devices that only run on external power supply.
  • Improved the software update instructions in the manual.

UCI versions

  • Fixed the “en passant” square evaluation in the FEN string.


  • The build chain has been updated from GCC 7.3.0 to 9.3.0.


  • The Android build chain has been updated from NDK r21d to r21e.

Known issues

All versions

  • The engine fails to win KNB:K.

Embedded target

  • When entering a new position after undoing or redoing moves, the move list in the main screen is not cleared.

Note: issues are fixed with new releases only – there are no backports. However, if an issue is found, it will be listed for the previous releases where applicable.