Third Release V1.11

V1.11 (ZIP), released 17-Jun-2017, is the third stable version.

Changes from V1.10

  • There is a PC version available, including pre-built Windows binaries in both 32 and 64 bit. This engine uses the Winboard protocol.
  • The hash tables are not completely cleared before a move.
  • Added some openings for passive knowledge (Shirov Gamit, Elephant Gambit, Budapest Gambit).

Known issues

  • In pawn endgames with opposite coloured bishops, the king positions can overrule a pawn loss.
  • In the rook vs. bishop endgame, the correct edge is not highlighted enough over its adjacent rim squares, which occasionally might lose a game.
  • With the 50 moves rule, checkmate is not given precedence over draw in the 50th move.
  • Undoing or redoing moves within the opening book range deletes the little ‘b’ that denotes book moves.
  • In the PC version, the "quick reply" feature does not always work.