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Privacy policy

This project features privacy by design and avoids collecting personal user data wherever possible.


This website takes the following steps in order to minimise and protect personal user data:

Logfiles: this website keeps access logfiles, including time and visitor IP address, for security reasons. The data will not be disclosed to third parties unless legally required. At the end of each month, the logfiles from the previous month are deleted.

Statistics: this website retains visitor statistics permanently. The IP addresses are anonymised by replacing the last octet with zero. Other data, such as operating systems and browser versions, are stored only in aggregate form and unrelated to the anonymised IPs.

Connection: this website is offered over a secure TLS connection. That means https only, which keeps all data transfer confidential and protects the downloads against manipulation.

Tracking: this website is free of cookies, trackers, analytics, social media plugins and third party content, all of which would otherwise put your privacy at risk.

FLoC: this website does not use Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) or Topics, and it instructs your browser to ignore your visit for evaluation. Both are mechanisms in the Chrome browser to use your browsing activities for targeted advertising.

Links: this website does not employ affiliate links and prevents leaking referrers. If you click on an external link, the target website will not know that you came from this website.

User functions: this website does not implement user comments, user accounts, or user payments so that no associated data can accrue.


Also the downloadable items are designed in a privacy friendly way. This includes the following aspects:

Software: the executable binaries and build scripts that you can download on this website do not collect or forward data – neither user data nor telemetry data.

Android: in particular, the Android version of the CT800 chess engine does not request or use special permissions.