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Release V1.10

V1.10 was released on 2017-May-14. You can download the release ZIP file (5 MB):

Changes from V1.01

  • More aggressive time management for game-in and tournament modes.
  • New easy move detection.
  • New horizon search PV deepening.
  • Corrected king safety evaluation for the pawn shelter.
  • Added some backports of the NG-Play update from v9.86 to v9.87 that speed up the search.
  • Enhanced the opening book.
  • Opening book allows implicit queening.
  • Battery shutdown monitoring works at all times.
  • “Always on” light mode works.
  • Saving the display contrast works.
  • Custom display characters make the dialogues look cleaner.
  • The opening book uses combined CRC-40 hashing instead of CRC-32.
  • Some code speed-up and cleanup.
  • Updated the ARM compiler from GCC 5.4 Q3/2016 to GCC 6.3 Q1/2017.
  • The opening book compiler got a code refactoring for more clarity and robustness. It displays error messages in clear text. Besides plain ASCII input book files, it also accepts UTF-8 with and without BOM.
  • The build batch file resp. shell script does a fully automated and complete build, including useful error messages if something goes wrong.

Known issues

  • In pawn endgames with opposite coloured bishops, the king positions can overrule a pawn loss.
  • In KR:KB, the correct defender edge is not highlighted enough over its adjacent rim squares, which occasionally might lose a game.
  • With the 50 moves rule, checkmate is not given precedence over draw in the 50th move.
  • In complicated middlegame positions, the pre-search alone can take 10 seconds.
  • Manually saving and loading a game in game-in or tournament mode adds Fischer delay and player bonus to the player’s clock.
  • Undoing or redoing moves within the opening book range deletes the little ‘b’ that denotes book moves.
  • When entering a new position after undoing or redoing moves, the move list in the main screen is not cleared.
  • Building the firmware with GCC 7.0 or higher fails because of false positive warnings that are treated as errors.

Note: issues are fixed with new releases only – there are no backports. However, if an issue is found, it will be listed for the previous releases where applicable.