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Release V1.32

01-Oct-2018: CT800 firmware V1.32 has been released. The search can use the results of an incomplete final depth iteration.

Release V1.31

29-Jul-2018: CT800 firmware V1.31 has been released. Minor bugs have been fixed, and the toolchain has been updated. There is no impact on playing strength.

Release V1.30

08-May-2018: CT800 firmware V1.30 has been released. The depth in the pre-search has been reduced, and a dedicated root move reply cache has been added.

Release V1.20

17-Feb-2018: CT800 firmware V1.20 has been released. Some corrections for embedded and UCI, and the playing strength is expected to be a bit higher. Android support for ARM64 and x86 has been added.

Release V1.12

14-Oct-2017: CT800 firmware V1.12 has been released. The PC version has changed from Winboard to UCI, and it also supports Android and Raspberry Pi.