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Release V1.44

2022-Aug-29: CT800 firmware V1.44 has been released. The playing strength and speed have increased.

Release V1.43

2021-Aug-29: CT800 firmware V1.43 has been released. The playing strength has increased, the throttling for the UCI versions has been improved, and minor bugs have been fixed.

Release V1.42

2021-Feb-27: CT800 firmware V1.42 has been released. The playing strength has moderately increased, and some bugs have been fixed.

Release V1.41

2020-Aug-29: CT800 firmware V1.41 has been released. Some optimisations increase the playing strength slightly.

Release V1.40

2020-Apr-05: CT800 firmware V1.40 has been released. More aggressive pruning in search results in stronger play.


2019-Jul-18: cPageBuild, the static website generator that powers this website, has been released in version 1.00. It is open source and comes with manual and a demo project.

Vanilla everything

2019-Apr-12: this website enjoys vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, maximising performance. The dependency on jQuery has been removed from the chess boards in the sample games pages.

Release V1.34

2019-Feb-09: CT800 firmware V1.34 has been released. The erroneous shutdown at more than 5.4 V input voltage has been fixed.

Hardware kit

2019-Jan-23: Vitali Derr has published a project for an affordable CT800. The hardware design is open source with circuit board data and schematics, fully compatible with the CT800 firmware.